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What is a Trademark?

The term "trademark" is often used to refer to any of the four types of marks that can be registered with the USPTO. The two primary types of marks that can be registered with the USPTO are:

  • Trademarks - used by their owners to identify goods, that is, physical commodities, which may be natural, manufactured, or produced, and which are sold or otherwise transported or distributed via interstate commerce.

  • Service marks - used by their owners to identify services, that is, intangible activities, which are performed by one person for the benefit of a person or persons other than himself, either for pay or otherwise.

At the Law Office of Art Dula our Trademark services include:

1) Conducting trademark and services mark searches
2) Prepare and file Federal and State trademark applications.
3) Prosecuting trademark office actions
4) Prepare file and coordinate international trademark application
5) Register trademarks with Customs and Boarder Patrol
6) Register trademarks with the trademark clearing house to protect your domain name.

7) Advice on Tradedress protection, branding and domain name protection.


Find out how easy the process is by requesting your free consultation. 

More information on Trademarks can be found at the United States Patent and Trademark Office Website.

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